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Our Drywall and Construction Services

We Offer a Range of Drywall Construction Services to Meet Your Needs

Cortes Contractors is located in Redmond, Oregon and is your preferred choice when it comes to drywall. Contact us today to go over your project/repair or request an estimate.

Drywall Repair

We’ll fix any drywall hole, any size, any place in your home or office. Our expert construction technicians will match the texture of your wall and flawlessly blend the patch in with its surroundings. You won’t even be able to tell there was a hole in the first place!

Drywall Construction Hole in Wall Repair Redmond, ORegon
Drywall homes and houses in Redmond, Oregon

Drywall Installation

Are you ready to finish that extra room, garage, or are you building a new home with new drywall? We specialize in large and small drywall construction installation projects, new construction projects and more. Our team can complete the entire project in less time than other companies and leave you with a beautiful, revitalized space.

Texture Matching

Uneven textured walls are not a good look at all. You want to have mechanics that know how to match them up properly, our Texture-Matching construction team will restore your walls and ceiling so there are no marks, lines, or shadows in your walls.

Drywall Texture matching in Redmond, oregon
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